Is the 2022 election the most important election in Australia’s history?

With record low approval ratings for both leaders, Australians have had enough of the duopoly. The 2022 election is opportunity to actually turn things around by voting intelligently. Australia has a peculiar preferential voting system but this can actually work in our favour. Contrary to urban legend, the parties have no control over preferences in Federal elections. You control your vote.

Will you vote make a difference? You bet! Sometimes seats have been won or lost with just a handful of votes. In order to effect change we need to put the majors last. Who you vote for is up to you. If you love your sitting member, and you think they’ve done an exceptional job for you, then vote for them. But if you’re like most people and are disgusted by these overpaid individuals, missing in action and getting a big fat pension cheque for doing very little, then put the sitting member last.

Generally speaking Greens/sitting member last, Labor second last, and Liberal NP third last. Now move to the front. Put a number one in the independent or freedom party of your choice and then the next and so on till all the boxes are filled. The worst thing that can happen is you deprive the major political parties form receiving $2.40 of your hard earned cash for every vote they receive.

Australia used to have one of the best parliamentary systems in the world, where a representative from your local area went to Canberra to work on your behalf…hence “the house of representatives”. That disappeared when “gangs” took over the system and we have what is evident now. A system where nothing ever changes no matter who is in and deals are done behind the scenes mafia style. Time for change!

By the way…beware of ghost candidates and fake independents. Do your research. Some parties are putting up candidates that don’t seem to exist. There’s out there. Don’t waste your vote.

Firstly you can only vote for whoever is standing in your electorate. How do you find this out? Simple go to the AEC site and look for your seat. Follow the prompts and you’ll get a list of candidates for your electorate.

Go here

This is a One Nation site but it does give a ton of useful information that no other political party has ever put out. It’s definitely worth a look.

Here’s an interesting site. Standup and Vote have polled all candidates or parties in all electorates to help you better understand the values of each person running in your area around our rights and freedoms.

Turning Point Australia have gone through every candidate in every seat, and worked out the best way to vote for freedom and to send the politicians in Canberra a message that we want them out. Just follow our How-To-Votes and you can be one of the many thousands to make your voice heard. Simply scroll down and check out there recommendation for your electorate.

Reignite Democracy Australia is an advocacy group aimed at maintaining individual and collective liberty. They’ve also put out some great information and have a link to a video by Topher Field who I think does the best explanation of our preferential voting system. Check it out.

And finally “majors last” another great website with a lot of information. It’s also got an amazing “how to vote card generator” which is really clever and worth a look. You can download it and take it with you. As they say, “if any of the major parties win, Australia loses!”. Check it out here.

This is not a how to vote post but an illustration of the information that’s available to you in order to make an informed decision.

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