Why are the ambos and hospitals on the verge of collapse?

After two years of mass hysteria and media brainwashing, “joe public” still is no wiser as to why the health system is near collapse. Yes it has been deliberately run down and large sections of it have been sold off, but the current situation is clearly a result of policy to inject everyone with a dangerous, experimental drug.

Following on from that is the disastrous policy to terminate tens of thousands of medical professionals and prevent them from working in the system. Why would any half intelligent individual do that? Ask your health minister but dont expect an honest reply.

In case you missed the memo, the experimental injections have a list of over a thousand side effects, one being numerous “rare” heart related conditions. If you haven’t been asleep, you would have noticed the massive spike in the number of perfectly healthy individuals suffering chest pains or dropping dead from heart attacks.

In this video is a log of incidents for just one day in the South Australian ambulance service. Imagine this across Australia over a month or even a year!

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